Turned on it’s head presents “Sponge”

THIS is something I really wanted to write about and share with you because it was just amazing !  It’s not an outdoor activity but I want to share this with other mums incase they come to your area. This is a must see. They are bloody brilliant! 



Turned on it’s head is a dance company that makes theatre exciting and participatory for ages 4 months to 4 years.

Sponge was  all about sponges and exploring them beyond your wildest dreams. I don’t think  I can put into words how amazing this was. 

Piglet was mesmerised by their dance actions, the way they interacted with the audience ,  the music,  EVERYTHING ! 
Here are a few pics. But seriously,  you have to experience this! 

A must must see! 

And thank you Jane for telling me all about this!  


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