I reckon every toddler loves ducks. What shall we go to see at the zoo? “Ducks!” Shall we go to the park? “Ducks!” You get the idea. One of our favourite places to see “Ducks!” is the mere at Ellesmere. Postcode for your sat nav – SY12 0PA I have many memories from visiting this place as a child… traumatic ones too where I’m surrounded by geese! We try to go there as often as we can as piglet loves it. The geese haven’t changed though and as soon as they hear the rustle of a food bag… wow! I’ll just leave it at that! I just thought I’d share a few pics of our last visit. The ducks There is also a lovely park and you are able to walk quite far around the mere through a wooded area. Then we had a good idea of going in a boat… I’m glad I wasn’t rowing and I’m glad the toddler didn’t move an inch! I’ve never been on the boats before. It was amazing and I’m sure it would be relaxing if I wasn’t holding onto a toddler!


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