Ducks, slides and tantrums.

During the summer holidays we’ve tried to have a balance of going to places which you have to pay and free places. Today was a pay day so we went to Greenacres. I had it into my head it was miles and miles away… 15min later me were there. It’s an animal park for all ages with lots to do etc…you can pay extra for fairground rides, luckily piglet is too small for these. They have a soft play in case the weather is poor and tractor rides at an additional cost too. The animals… Just not what I was expecting! Wolves… limas…ducks…ostriches…owls…skunks…plus many more! Bizarre…random…yes! Did piglet enjoy it? Yes, so hey! Just thought I’d share a few pics. I think the main highlight was the ducks followed closely by the slide! Things always seem like they are going well until nap time looms…Quick let’s go on a tractor ride before nap time 🙈. Got ticket… went earlier to get seat… child did not want to wait… climbed down … and had a tantrum… tractor fills up… miss ride! Arggggghhhh! Luckily we caught the next one… and guess what… yep she had her nap! Ah … life with a toddler!


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