About Me

I’m a first time mum who is finding parenting the biggest challenge EVER!

Most days I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing and I just wing it and some how we survive!

Going outside with my Piglet is the one of the things (and wine) that keeps me sane and I only go out because I need to walk the dog!

I’m not sharing all this lovely hippy outdoor crap with you to make you think I’m super mum… my house is a mess, I’ve not picked up an iron in over 12 months and I have to put my daughter in front of Postman Pat just so I can have a shower! But if you can take one idea from this blog that will make your life easier,  then great. Plus if it encourages you to get outside with your little one, then even better!

So enjoy and if you have any outdoor ideas please get in touch.