Gypsy Wood, a family day out.

Whilst at the caravan, I dragged a reluctant husband to Gypsy Wood with our exploring nature baby.

Post code – LL55 2YA

I’ve bee eager to go here for a while and with being in Anglesey for a few days, we took the opportunity to visit.

Piglet thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it…. there were trains, slides and animals to feed…a perfect day out for a toddler.

Choo Choo!

You get free tickets to go on the train around the park and you are also to buy extra is you wish… which we did as piglet enjoyed it so much!

Couldn’t resist!

Plenty of animals to meet, play areas, activities for older children, woodland walks (which were top muddy for trainers… so take wellies!)

We had a lovely walk around this lake.

There is also a cafe on site with very friendly staff and whoever made that chocolate cake can come and love in my house!

We would definitely visit again if in the area… even the hubby who dislikes place with people there enjoyed himself!


Ducks, slides and tantrums.

During the summer holidays we’ve tried to have a balance of going to places which you have to pay and free places. Today was a pay day so we went to Greenacres. I had it into my head it was miles and miles away… 15min later me were there. It’s an animal park for all ages with lots to do etc…you can pay extra for fairground rides, luckily piglet is too small for these. They have a soft play in case the weather is poor and tractor rides at an additional cost too. The animals… Just not what I was expecting! Wolves… limas…ducks…ostriches…owls…skunks…plus many more! Bizarre…random…yes! Did piglet enjoy it? Yes, so hey! Just thought I’d share a few pics. I think the main highlight was the ducks followed closely by the slide! Things always seem like they are going well until nap time looms…Quick let’s go on a tractor ride before nap time 🙈. Got ticket… went earlier to get seat… child did not want to wait… climbed down … and had a tantrum… tractor fills up… miss ride! Arggggghhhh! Luckily we caught the next one… and guess what… yep she had her nap! Ah … life with a toddler!


I reckon every toddler loves ducks. What shall we go to see at the zoo? “Ducks!” Shall we go to the park? “Ducks!” You get the idea. One of our favourite places to see “Ducks!” is the mere at Ellesmere. Postcode for your sat nav – SY12 0PA I have many memories from visiting this place as a child… traumatic ones too where I’m surrounded by geese! We try to go there as often as we can as piglet loves it. The geese haven’t changed though and as soon as they hear the rustle of a food bag… wow! I’ll just leave it at that! I just thought I’d share a few pics of our last visit. The ducks There is also a lovely park and you are able to walk quite far around the mere through a wooded area. Then we had a good idea of going in a boat… I’m glad I wasn’t rowing and I’m glad the toddler didn’t move an inch! I’ve never been on the boats before. It was amazing and I’m sure it would be relaxing if I wasn’t holding onto a toddler!

The Ponderosa

Every now and then we like to nip up the horseshoe path and go for breakfast at The Pondersosa cafe.

Postcode for your sat nav- LL20 8DR

It’s a fab cafe with friendly staff and good hearty meals. We’ve never stayed but it is a b&b too.

The main reason we come up here is to enjoy the scenery and to walk the dog. Now the little pig is walking well in her wellies she can really explore. The lesson that was taught today was, “don’t touch the spikes! ” And of course, Peter Rabbit joined us too…

Camping with a toddler…

Fact number 1. We are the WORST campers in the world!

We take everything and nothing. Take hours to put the tent up and argue over putting the tent up.

Camping with a toddler was, we’ll, an experience. The fact we were on a slope made it very hard! Every time we stepped into the tent we felt ill. Then the rain! Oh my, the rain! In the end we had to abandon the tent and come home! The hubby then returned later on for it.

Then somewhere in between we find time to relax and enjoy.

The tent has now been stored away for the year… or maybe a few years 😂

It doesn’t have to cost alot

Having a child can be expensive. I have spent sooooooo much money on this little pig already!

However when it comes to having fun and family time it really doesn’t have to cost a lot. One of our favourite places is my parents. Middle of know where… crap internet connections…we get spoilt by my mum and it’s peaceful… my type of place.

Here are a few piccies from one of our visits.